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Fliesen-Meyer GmbH

Professional Tiling-Services by Fliesen-Meyer from Hanover

What makes us different

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Over 50 years experience

Professional Tiler

Achieving more together

„Every industry and every sector requires an individual design.
Colors, shapes and not least materials follow their purpose and leave the best-possible impression for visitors.

Nils Meyer, Managing Director

Everything from a master craftman

Exhibition on 2 floors

Interdisciplinary activity

Our competences


Dexterity and skill are the alpha and omega when tiling. Fliesen-Meyer from Hanover stands for qualified and professional Tiling service, from the consultation over planning to execution.

Nature stone laying

The beauty of natural stone materials and the captivating clean lines are what make the nature stone laying into something special. Fliesen-Meyer presents the nobility from nature.

Interior work

Each section requires an individual design. Colours, shapes and not least materials follow their purpose and provide an exceptional atmosphere. Professional interior work of Fliesen-Meyer from Hanover.

Ship outfitting

The ship outfitting of Fliesen-Meyer offers exclusive Features and a global repair service. According to an own unique character, the work of Fliesen-Meyer can be found on board many club ships and private yachts.

About us in brief

Professional tiling of Fliesen-Meyer from Hanover

Welcome to Fliesen-Meyer, your personal tiling specialist since 1967. Even then, in founding times, professionalism was the cornerstone of tiling master craftsman Jürgen Meyer´s family-run business and since that point in time the continuous success of his company is inevitable. In 1986 the management of the company had been handed over to son Nils Meyer and he is still convinced that success can be planed and does not come just by chance. 
The great commitment to the further development of the natural stone sector and the execution of orders in construction, regionally and internationally, 
is responsible for the upturn, the company has confidentially taken in recent years. The exhibition on two floors is constantly restocked and has been recently redesigned with the new “trend floor without joints”.

Professional tiling service – Fliesen-Meyer Hanover

The Fliesen-Meyer master-business from Hannover has set itself the task of representing the craft of tiling as a professional service, which is unparalleled in the tiling sector. From planning to execution and final completion, 
close contact to the customer is maintained, in order to meet a desired and need-based solution. Flexible, individual and on time! Whether bath renovation in Hanover or the use of natural stone, whether interior work or professional ship outfitting, whether design floor screed or trendy floor coverings, Fliesen-Meyer makes it possible! Since 1967 – Expertise and professionalism, customer focus and on time, in all aspects of tiling. Visit our large exhibition on two floors and be inspired by the great variety!

Get inspired! Impressions of our work

Get inspired Impressions of our work

Get a free and professional offer from Fliesen-Meyer Hanover

Ask for a free offer from Fliesen-Meyer Hanover and you will get a little bit closer to your dream bathroom or wishes. Get a complete package with all the necessary trades, from the demolition to the completion and the handover, whether renovations or new construction, Fliesen-Meyer will create a complete package of all requested trades. Fliesen-Meyer Hanover has a wide selection of colours, patterns and textures to turn your wishes and ideas into reality by our well-trained staff. 

Fliesen-Meyer Hanover has a wide selection of colours, patterns and textures to turn your wishes and ideas into reality by our well-trained staff.

Our experience in the tiling and natural stone laying, the bath renovation, balcony and facade renovation makes Fliesen-Meyer Hanover to your direct and expert partner. Due to our commitment in the international outfitting, we are also able to make you an offer in this sector. You can rely on many years of professionalism of Fliesen-Meyer Hanover! Please feel free to contact us or visit us at our showroom with countless materials and samples. Request a free offer today and you’ll come closer to your personal dream!

We are looking forward to your request! Fliesen-Meyer Hanover – Expertise, quality and customer focused!

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Fliesen-Meyer GmbH

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Other appointments outside of our opening hours are possible after telephone consultation.