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Our References in Ship outfitting

Radiance of the Seas

Radiance of the Seas

Length (over all): 293,20 meters
Beam (molded): 32,20 meters
Tonnage: 90.090 GT

Draft: 8,15 meters
15 decks, 1.050 cabins for 2.100 passengers, including 577 cabins with balconies, crew of 858
Built in 2001 by Meyer Werft shipyard for RCI

radiance 1

Ship outfitting, particularly around swimming pool areas, presents its own unique challenges. It requires great technical skill, experience, and a highly developed, intuitive feel for design.

The main pool of the “Radiance” illustrates this well:
The Mediterranean feel of the pool area is the result of an interplay between the pool mosaics made of Italian ceramic, the shower units made of glass bricks, and the harmonized themes of the bar fitout.

radiance 2

The poolside showers are built from glass bricks that take on the hue of their surroundings and thus fit in well with the overall visual effect.

radiance 3

The main pool looks onto a ‘50s/’60s-style bar complex. Bisazza glass mosaics in geometric shapes on the floor and bar upright, and the bar top made of Logos (artificial stone with glass fragments and glasswork inlays) create the desired effect.

radiance 4

Of course, tiling work on ships is more than ‘merely’ fitting out the pool areas. We also work to architectural designs on purely decorative elements, such as this sculpture in the restaurant area aboard the “Radiance”.

radiance 5

The lap of luxury: The ship’s splendor goes beyond
the Royal Suite, with its benchtop of black Nero Assoluto Granite. Ceramics, mosaics and natural stone also endow the other cabins with their own unique ambience.

AIDAvita & AIDAaura

AIDAvita & AIDAaura

Length (over all): 202,64 meters
Beam (molded): 28,10 meters
Tonnage: 42.289 GT

Draft: 6,20 meters

844 cabins for 1.582 passengers, crew of 418

Built in 2002 by Aker MTW for Aida Cruises

aida 1

Our outfitting work on the Club ships reflects the very special character of the AIDAvita and AIDAaura. In the »AIDAbar« we used elaborately designed glass mosaics, whose colourful shapes perfectly match the young, colourful life on board …

aida 2

… and give a new lease of life to the picture
mosaic of antiquity ­ brought right up to date.

aida 3

The atmosphere of the »Nightfly Bar« is created
in no small part by the Moroccan-style mosaics.

aida 5

A highly attractive feature in the » Maritime Restaurant« is the »Golden Wave«
wall finish, stretching several metres. The glass tiles are decorated with genuine gold leaf, creating a truly unique visual effect.

aida 6

In contrast, traditional designs lend the
»Calypso Restaurant« its special flair.

Norwegian Star

Norwegian Star

Length (over all): 294,13 meters
Beam (molded): 32,.20 meters
Tonnage: 92.000 GT

Draft: 8.20 meters
1.120 cabins for 2.240 passenger, including 533 cabins with balconies, crew of 1.000
Built in 2001 by Meyer Werft shipyard for NCL

norwegian star 1 1

Our work on the main pool area aboard the “Norwegian Star” underscores the impressive color scheme of the deck complex as a whole. A good deal of the color impact is created by the various mosaics. The materials are available in all colors and shades.

norwegian star 2

The ship’s owner has a wonderful panoramic view of the pool complex from his penthouse suite. The bath area was fitted out with our customary care and attention to detail. Its lightness and clarity of design gives it a special beauty.

norwegian star 3

The children’s washroom area is cheerfully bright and colorful. With washbasins set at a range of heights, the facility caters for even the youngest of guests.

Brilliance of the Seas

Brilliance of the Seas

Length (over all): 293,20 meters
Beam (molded): 32,20 meters
Tonnage: 90.090 GT

Draft: 8,15 meters
15 decks, 1.050 cabins for 2.100 passengers, including 577cabines with balconies, crew of 858
Built in 2002 by Meyer Werft shipyard for RCI

brilliance 1 1

The canopied solarium pool features a distinctive “Africa” design.

The successful implementation of theme-based projects like this depends on good communications between customer and contractor. We provide ourselves on providing quality, expert advice to our clients – seafarers and landlubbers alike – and help them find the right materials to create the desired effects.

brilliance 2 1

This pool shows that the choice of materials can make two similar structures look vastly different. While its stair cases and walls are practically identical to those of the solarium pool, both pools have their own unique character.

brilliance 3

Floor mosaics and intarsia work are always eye-catchers. This intricate intarsia pattern in the entranceway to the “Brilliance Cinema” is no exception.

MS Mercury

MS Mercury

Length (over all): 263,90 meters
Beam (molded): 32,20 meters
Tonnage: 77.700 GT

Draft: 7,70 meters
961 cabins and 50 luxury suites for 2.244 passengers, 843 crew members
Built in 1997 by Meyer Werft shipyard for Celebrity Cruises, RCI

mercury 1

Water and stone work wonders for the body and the senses in the Aqua Spa Kneipp water cure centre aboard the “Mercury”. This tactile and visual embodiment of the wellness concept owes its attractiveness to a careful combination of wood and natural stone. The floors are made of Solnhofer Marble from Germany’s Altmühltal region, near Nuremberg.

mercury 2

The dark-brown Emparador of the skirting and surround accentuates the warm tones of the marble floor area.

mercury 3

In the Turkish steam bath, the overall impression is created by the use of ‘water colors’ and organic forms.

Norwegian Dawn

Norwegian Dawn

Length (over all): 294,13 meters
Beam (molded): 32,20 meters
Tonnage: 92.000 GT

Draft: 8,20 meters
1.120 cabins for 2.240 passengers, including 533 cabins with balconies, crew of 1.000

norwegian dawn 1

One of the big attractions aboard the “Norwegian Dawn” is the main pool complex with its succession of differently-temperatured pools. Basic curved forms, intricate glass and porcelain mosaics, bronze figures and warm-toned wood all contribute to the complex’s inviting appearance.

norwegian dawn 2

Up close: The glass mosaic 
on the floor of the poolside shower unit …

norwegian dawn 3

…and on the steps of the poolside staircase.

norwegian dawn 4

For the bar design we tried something a little different: Instead of incorporating the glass bricks in their entirety, we cut them into slices and mounted them on the surface like tiles.

norwegian dawn 5

The children’s pool on the quarterdeck.

norwegian dawn 6

Floor tiles, benchtop and rear wall in the “American Kitchen”.

norwegian dawn 7

The counters in the restaurant area are finished in bronze tiles.

Superstar Virgo & Leo

Superstar Virgo & Leo

Length (over all): 268,60 meters
Beam (molded): 32,20 meters
Tonnage: 76.583 GT

Draft: 7,90 meters
14 decks, 1.000 cabins for2.800 passengers, including 394 cabins with balconies, crew of 1.125
Built in 1998, by Meyer Werft for Star Cruises

Swimming and wellness areas with Roman and Greek-inspired designs were created on the »Superstars«, using fire-finished granite and burnt ceramic from Italy, combined with Florentine steps. The granite pool bench elements were cut to size before being brought on board. The glass mosaics from Bisazza were individually installed to suit the local requirements.

superstar virgo 1
superstar virgo 3
superstar virgo 2
superstar virgo 4
MS Aurora

MS Aurora

Length (over all): 270 meters
Beam (molded): 32,20 meters
Tonnage: 76.000 GT

Draft: 7,90 Meter
14 decks, 939 cabins for 1.878 passengers, including 406 cabins with balconies, crew of 936
Built in 2000 by Meyer Werft shipyard for P&O Cruises

The eye-catching focal pointon the «MS Aurora» includes the pool area with waterfall and bar, finished with glass mosaic from Bisazza to a digitally prepared design and incorporating a giant flower pattern with colour transitions and gold sprinkles.

aurora 1
aurora 3
aurora 2
aurora 4
Serenade of the Seas

Serenade of the Seas

Length (over all): 293,20 meters
Beam (molded): 32,20 meters
Tonnage: 90.090 GT

Draft: 8,15 metes
15 decks, 1.055 cabins for 2.490 passengers, including 577 cabins with balconies, crew of 858
Built in 2003, by Meyer Werft for RCI

On the recently completed luxury liner »Serenade of the seas«, and similarly on the sister vessels, we were able to demonstrate our expertise in fitting out the pool and solarium areas. We were also responsible for 54 passenger suites, including the »Royal Suite« and »Family Suites«. In addition, individual restaurant areas and the floor design, featuring mosaics, for the entrance area of the ship’s cinema bear our hallmark.

serenade 1
serenade 3
serenade 2
serenade 4



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